Saturday, March 29, 2008

Learning Letters - Vowels

With Tibetan letters, the vowels are marked with a sign above or below the root letter. To take the MA letter, if you add a line above, མེ, it becomes ME (fire). If you add this sign above, མི, it becomes MI (human, or a negation particle).  If you have this, མོ, it is MO (divination system). Finally, with this sign, མུ , you have MU (border.) 

Note that the same system is true for all other letters, examples: ལོ།  LO (age),  ནི། NI (as for), and so on. The signs above or below turns the default vowel, A-based, into a specific vowel. So if you learn these additional four vowels, you know all the five Tibetan vowels.

See if you recognize the various vowels in the Tibetan text below:




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