Monday, March 31, 2008

Learning Letters - SA

The next letter good to learn is ས, SA. This is also the word for ground or earth. Knowing how to put together vowels we have སེ། (one of the six early tribes of Tibet), སི། (whistle or death), སོ། (tooth) and སུ། (who).

Another example is སོ་སོ།, an expression that means individual, distinct. So we got a lot of mileage just by learning another letter and how to build vowels.

Try to find the letter ས in the text below.





Craig said...

I really enjoy your blog and think the use of the Unicode font to incorporate Tibetan text in the entries is great. However, would it be possible to set the font size of the Tibetan text somewhat larger than that of the English, since the nature of the Tibetan letters makes them hard to read without changing the font size in my browser.



Kent Sandvik said...

Thanks. Good point. I did some experimentation with changing font sizes. However, with FireFox 3.0 it converted the whole block, English and Tibetan fonts, to the same size when Tibetan fonts were used. Safari seems better, then again Safari just now has a bug, it can't handle copying of Tibetan Unicode strings. So I will try to find a compromise. --Kent