Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Self-base as Experience

To continue with བདག་གི་གཞི། bdag gi gzhi, the five aspects. Now, sometimes it is interesting to improvise concerning translations. The earlier given translation, self-base, is one way to state it, or then base of self. But if we look at the word གཞི། gzhi, you could see that it has other variations, foundation, residence, basic nature. So you could create new translations, like a jazz player with chords, and see what resonates with you, as long as the usage of the word makes sense. Sometimes such personal translations are very powerful, for oneself, or maybe for others, too.

ལོངས་སྤྱོད། longs spyod is a word you could also see quite often, here it means actually experience, not enjoyment. And བརྗོད་པ། brjod pa is to be expressed.

So, one longer translation is the self-base expressed as experience. But you could actually make this just shorter and translate it as self as experience -- this assumes that the reader already was informed about the nature of self.

Again, using meditation you might get a connection between this self-base and the specific skandha.

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