Monday, February 18, 2008

Self as basis for all

We are at the fifth and the last skandha, and why it exists.

བག་གི་གཞི། bdag gi gzhi is the basis of self.

དེ་དག de dag is all that.

གནས། gnas is a good word to memorize, here it means basis.

བརྗོད་པ། brjod pa is expression. It actually has a genitive particle at the end -- 'i -- and this ties to ཕྱིར། phyir, hence. It all also ends with the proper sentence ending vowel doubling, ro.

To translate this: self which is the basis of all that. To really understand this, Abhidharma-Samuccaya has a somewhat bias for the Mind Only world view representation. In this world view, there are seeds in the mind that ripens, stored in the storage house consciousness, and these ripening seeds trigger everything that is mentally experienced. Hence this last description for a skandha that should not be hard to figure out.

Next, we will find out the reason behind the amount of elements.

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