Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Nose Odor Olfactory Consciousness

Next is a triad related to smelling. sna is nose, the 'i is a genitive particle that binds khams, element to the nose, so we have the nose element (in Sanskrit ghrana-dhatu.)

dri is smell, or odor, so this is the odor element (gandha-dhatu.)

sna'i rnam par shes pa is the olfactory consciousness, so with khams this is the olfactory consciousness element (ghrana-vijnana-dhatu.)

Isn't this an interesting way to learn Tibetan words about various body parts and senses?


amada said...

Smell is a subjective thing.

Kent Sandvik said...

Indeed! Smell is indeed a subjective thing. Your wife smells good, while someone else might complain about the odor.