Sunday, January 06, 2008

Form and Visual Consciousness Elements

Actually the elements have groupings of three parts, as we will notice next. gzhugs here is form, so gzhugs gi khams is form element, rupadhatu. This is in the context of visual form and not 'matter.' dang then binds to the next listing.

mig is eye or visual and rnam par shes pa is consciousness (Sanskrit vijnana.) Remember this word as it will show up multiple times when listing the elements. Thus, mig gi rnam par shes pa is visual consciousness (caksurvijnanadhatu.)

The 'i is a genitive particle binding khams, element to the left side, so this is the visual consciousness element.

We had before mig gi khams, eye element. Thus you could see that these elements have a grouping of a physical entity (eye) that is registering something (form) and is using a consciousness (visual consciousness), all together. In other words, all three have to work together for a form to be realized as visually seen.

We will go through the next elements in combinations of three.

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