Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Five Aggregates Listed

We will take a longer section of Abhidharma-Samuccaya, but it's very easy to follow along, and we have gone through the five skandhas before. Also, the text later will describe all kinds of interesting things about the skandas so we will not miss anything by just listing them here just now, as in the text. So:

gzugs kyi phung po is the form aggregate or form skandha. The dang at the end is a particle, a conjunctive particle. It is for example used after each entry in a list, as in this case. You could translate this with and, or use a comma, or anything similar indicating a listing (even an bullet point if that makes sense.)

tshor ba'i phung po is skandha of feelings, or skandha of sensations. Again the dang is used for the listing purposes, or something will follow.

'du shes kyi phung po is aggregate/skandha of perceptions.

'du byed kyi phung po is aggregate of formations, or sometimes also translated as the aggregate of conditioning factors. Don't worry, later in Abhidharma-Samuccaya these skandhas and their interactions will be precisely defined.

Finally we have rnam par shes pa'i phung po, skandha of consciousness. Note the ending of this part, po'o. This is a proper sentence ending, the last vowel is doubled.

Next we will go through the elements!

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