Thursday, September 27, 2007

Vajra Verses - Part 6

OK, this is the last section of the second part: nyams kyi snang ba.

nyams means experience or experiential. kyi is a genitive particle, here it starts with k. It binds the right side with the earlier left.

snang ba means appearance, or here it's also a verb, appearances occur.

So this part is experiencial appearances occur.

All together, this section is translated: For yogis with meditative concentration, experiential appearances occur. It mean that as part of developing deep meditative experiences, so called experiential appearances will manifest. And this is nice, as such experiences will make the meditator even more keen to finish the job and become an enlightened being, as they will get a taste of how the ever-lasting continuum of enlightenment will really be.

This is also good news for anyone doing the practices, as one could generate results from the practices that will enforce the practices and make them deeper. Or, compared with sentient beings who constantly experience impure appearances due to mental afflictions, it's a nice break.


Mr. said...

"For yogis with meditative concentration, experiential appearances occur." I dont understand where the verb "occur" comes from? Is it implicit? Why is it not correct to take snang-ba as a verb, so the translation would be then "For yogis with meditative concentration, experiences appear."

Thank you,

Kent Sandvik said...

Good point. I changed the entry, snang ba as it could also be translated as a verb where appearances occur.