Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vajra Verses - Part 5

The second line in the second block is this: ting nge 'dzin la.

ting nge 'dzin is meditative concentration, samadhi in Sanskrit. This is usually described for various very deep meditative states of mind. The mind is totally absorbed into another object.

la is again the oblique particle, pointing at something to be described next.

In the lam 'bras tradition, this actually consists of fifteen different meditative experiences all together, and these are taken as the path in the practices. So this is the cause part of this definition, and it will provide a result that we will talk about next.

So far do we have: For the yogi with meditative concentration....


Anonymous said...

Hi Kent-

Could be a typo here in the first line of the Tibetan: The char are "rlan" and in part 4 the verse begins with the char "rnal".

This blog is a great resource. Thanks.

-mike h.

Kent Sandvik said...

Thanks, good catch. I just fixed it. I tend to retype everything from zero for each verse, so this typo sneaked in.

Thanks for the nice words, more postings to arrive this week.