Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Vajra Verses - Part 4

This is the second of the three bigger parts in the beginning vajra verses. It starts with: rnal 'byor pa la.

rnal 'byor is yoga, thus 'rnal 'byor pa is yogi, someone who practices yogic practices. This is about Buddhism, so we are talking about Vajrayana practices. The female aspect is rnal 'byor ma, yogini, you could see the difference as pa is used for male constructs, and ma for female. Just to be clear, there's really no bigger difference between male and female practitioners, with the exception in highest yoga where female practitioner could more easily obtain enlightenment with the most deep practices!

We have again the oblique particle la, which will bind the next construct to this one, just now we could roughly translate this as: for a yogin...

So the support in this case are yogic practitioners, there are different kinds, from those who have really obtained very deep meditative experiences, to those who have a a very good mind stream, to those who have a very good body so they could practice.

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