Sunday, September 23, 2007

Vajra Verses - Part 2

The second line has the following tibetan, nyon mongs pa la.

We have met the word nyon mongs before, in Sanskrit klesha, or mental afflictions. It's basically any mental state that is bothering us every day. It it sometimes easy to notice them, but sometimes they are also very subtle.

nyon mongs pa is another word for the same construct, mental afflictions.

And we have again the oblique pointer particle la, I like to think of it as a pointer particle, as it points out something coming next together with something before, or pointing from right to left. Anyone doing programming would also figure out what I'm thinking about, as there are pointers in computer programming, too.

Anyway, it again points out that there's a third statement that is binding together what we have so far: for sentient beings that have mental afflictions....

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