Thursday, September 13, 2007

rgyun zhugs pa - Stream Enterer

To continue with more special titles for future Arhats. rgyun zhugs pa is a so called stream enterer.

rgyun is yet another of those term words good to recognize. It means continuum, stream, or some kind of concurrent series. The moments of mind is such a continuum.

zhugs is a verb, to attend, accept, join. zhugs pa is then entering.

This is a meditator who has seen emptiness directly, but still will be reborn into cyclic existence for a while. But they have entered the stream out from Samsara, or kind of the elevator out from all the suffering.

Another way to look at this is that due to the emptiness experience, any doubts about the Buddhist world view have been removed forever, as a direct experience is the truth compared with indirect pointing of the truth, which at least leads to the direct experience. Anyway, such a person is indeed really established on the path now, as they know what the outcome is, so they diligently work towards this goal.

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