Sunday, September 09, 2007

rdo rje theg pa - Vajrayana

So what about the Vajrayana vehicle - rdo rje theg pa in Tibetan?

theg pa is vehicle, yana. rdo rje is vajra. Vajra is the thunderbolt Indra is carrying. It's also another name of diamond, at that time the most indestructible material that existed. It is symbolizing that something is indestructible, such as reality such as it just is.

rdo rje theg pa is actually classified as a branch of Mahayana! A practitioner who wants to help all sentient beings, and want to do it as quickly as possible, would do whatever means it takes to get to this point. As part of this wish, such practitioners are searching for quick paths to full enlightenment, of which rdo rje theg pa indeed provides it.

There's a certain responsibility when doing such practices, as they are profound, touches the core of the mental continuum, and could easily be misunderstood, and not practiced properly. This is the reason such practices are and should only be communicated between a qualified teacher and a trusted student. Today, with Internet and book stores in every town, a lot of wrong information is published, this is why the qualified Vajrayana teachers actually have provided accurate information, so this path will not go away or be misunderstood.

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