Wednesday, September 12, 2007

lhag med myang 'das - Nirvana Without Remainder

The other form of Nirvana is then lhag med myang 'das, Nirvana without remainder.

lhag is residue, here is indirectly refers to lhag bcas, the physical being forced by one's own karma to be experienced. So if you ever wonder what is the reason your body looks how it looks, there's a past cause behind it.

med is a negation particle -- working on lhag, so it then negates this, there's no residue, or remainder left.

This refers to the state where for someone who has Nirvana, elimination of all mental afflictions, the karmic causes behind the body are finally exhausted, so there's no need for the body any longer. This then leads to a state called in Sanskrit pari-nirvana.

This specific case was one reason me as a teenager read the wrong idea about Nirvana in religious text books, as the principle was not understood by the author(s), resulting in an explanation that rather sounded like an implosion of a being. There are some things that will continue forever, and have been around forever, and that's the mind stream. However, it's a changing thing, moment by moment. This is why you translators or future translators need to understand the key concepts before attempting to translate or explain Buddhist topics. If there's a misunderstanding, then someone else will reject the idea based on misinformation.

As for where the pari-nirvana beings really reside, that's an interesting debate topic in the monasteries!

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