Tuesday, September 18, 2007

bir wa pa - Virupa

Yes, we are still on the third noble truth! We will take a profound Sakya root text that in the beginning lines explains the difference between ordinary beings, meditators, and enlightened beings. It's a very, very profound verse, even worth memorizing, as with this simple pith instruction the whole overview of practitioners are defined, including what it means to experience reality the wrong way and the right way.

These instructions came originally from Virupa, bir wa pa in Tibetan. He was quite an amazing mahasiddha, you could read about him on Internet, or here in the DharmaDictionary web site.

There has been a long debate if Tibetans had a hard time pronouncing V, and thus used B instead, or if the ancient Sanskrit actually sounded like the B sound for certain words. Anyway, expect to see a lot of B letters used instead of Sanskrit V ones when encountering such Sanskrit words. Another similar example is Vam (E-vam) versus Tibetan Bam in Tantric texts.

Anyway, check out the stories of Virupa, quite fascinating. We will next talk about the oral tradition text that came from Virupa, and became the corner stone of Sakya teachings.

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