Friday, August 10, 2007

sred pa - Attachment

The eight link, triggered by feeling, is sred pa -- attachment, trsna in Sanskrit.

sred is the verb to have desire for, lust for.

Those who study the Tibetan letters, the letter sa is the root letter, and the line below is the ra letter stacked underneath. We again have the line above, so sra becomes sre. The second letter is again the short da, or just d.

In the Wheel of Life this is pictured by people having beer, in other words attachment to have 'yet another one', even if the drinker knows they will get more drunk, fat, losing money, and so on. Sometimes there are other objects of attachment in the image, such as girls playing instruments...

sred pa is a mental factor that will increase desire, with no satisfaction in sight, or, as Mick Jagger taught long time ago: I can't get no satisfaction.

This link is actually present from the fourth one, name and form, up to the ninth one that we will go through next.

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