Tuesday, August 07, 2007

skye mched drug - Six Sense Fields

The fifth link in the twelve links of dependent origination, that the consciousness gives arise to, is skye mched drug, six sense fields, sadayatana in Sanskrit.

skye is to arise, skye mched is sense bases, ayatana in Sanskrit. drug is number six.

These are the six inner sensations used to experience the world: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, tactical feeling, and also the mental sensations. The consciousness is the cause behind these.

In the wheel of life this is symbolized by an empty house. The reason the house is empty is that in terms of birth from a womb these are the organs for these senses are developing in the womb, but not fully functioning yet.

The mental sense is interesting, upon contact with objects it will give rise to specific sensations. So, this is also true of the five other sensations and organs. For example, when hearing something, a certain state of sensations will happen. This is actually something the next link will explain.

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