Saturday, August 04, 2007

rnam shes - Consciousness

The third link, which arises from compositional actions, is rnam shes, consciousness.

shes is to be aware, to know. rnam is usually indicating an attribute.

In the Wheel Of Life image this is represented by a monkey, a very clever and active animal, usually getting in trouble.

There are different presentations on the number of consciousnesses in Buddhism, but in general there are one for each sense, and a mental consciousness. These consciousnesses are not wrong, but they are impure due to the compositional actions done. When all the consciousnesses are pure, then the world will be experienced as pure.

Another interesting thing to think about is that the twelve links of dependent origination also works the other way. If ignorance is ceased, then compositional actions won't happen, if this won't happen, the consciousnesses that samsaric beings experience will not exist, and so on. This is good to know was we continue along the chain of the links.

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