Tuesday, August 21, 2007

mya ngan las 'das pa - Nirvana

This is the long form of Nirvana in Tibetan - mya ngan las 'das pa.

mya ngan is the longer word for grief, we saw the shorter word myang earlier.

las is a particle that binds from right to left, it means here from. 'das pa is transcend, go beyond.

Again we have the meaning to go beyond grief, in other words, the state of nirvana has no grief, or actually no mental sufferings whatsoever. The closest someone could approach that state is to live a very pure life for a very long time, and mental suffering might still show up from time to time. I usually think of this as a state the first weekend morning on a long summer vacation, but to increase this feeling millions of times.

Why the short and long Tibetan words? Well, you need to think of the wood carvers carving all the blocks for printing texts, a shorter word is easier and makes it possible to add more text. There are even cases in Tibetan texts where it mentions 'and so on', and the intelligent reader could figure out what it means.

We have to look more into the concept of mya ngan las 'das pa -- it's a very, very deep topic.

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