Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Definition of Nirvana - Part 5

Ok, the whole expression at the end of the definition of Nirvana is so sor brtags 'gog . This word means individual analysis. To break it down a little bit more, earlier we mentioned that so sor means individual; brtags means to investigate, or understand. 'gog means to obstruct, to stop.

Anyway, the whole technical term, so sor brtags 'gog means that the four noble truths are investigated as well as understood, and not just from an analytical point of view. They are fully realized, so they are always present in the mind stream!

The event that triggers the four noble truths to always be present in the mind is just after one of the most important phases for a meditator, after experiencing emptiness directly. We will go through the stages leading to this state, as well as go through more terms related to really experience the four noble truths later. But meanwhile it's interesting to know that the four noble truths are more than just intellectual statements.

Next we will finally go through the whole definition of Nirvana.

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