Sunday, August 26, 2007

Definition of Nirvana - Part 3

The third part in the definition is spangs pa'i.

spangs pa is to give up or to abandon. spangs is also used for the same meaning.

The 'i at the end of this word is a genitive particle, it will bind the right side with the previous part we talked about. So far it has been to abandon with no exception all mental afflictions.

It is indeed natural that Nirvana has to do with a mental state of no mental afflictions present whatsoever. It is interesting to read about Buddhist meditators who have reached Nirvana, but according to their biographies, bad things still happened to them after this. Then again, they didn't then have any mental afflictions running in their minds, even if bad things happened around them.

Next is the important part of how to get to this state, as described in the definition of Nirvana. Stay tuned!

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