Friday, June 01, 2007

Uttaratantra - source of karma and afflictions 3

Continuing going backwards in the first line, the next word is byed. This is a verb, to do, make, create, something that indicates that action will trigger something.

However, here's a case where one might look at words too separately, this is actually yid byed, where the previous word yid is used to form the word used here: mental activity, mental engagement. This his why it's so important to see the bigger pattern with words and not look into too small fragments of the Tibetan words.

yid byed is a good word from the explanatory point of view. yid is mind (Sanskrit manas), specifically the idea-centric consciousness, subjective mind, the thinking process. So it's the mind that creates and triggers things.

One more clue wherefrom las dang nyong mongs arise, but there's more!

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