Wednesday, June 20, 2007

srid pa'i 'khor lo - Wheel of Life

Another teaching tool used to explain how the source of suffering is generated is srid pa'i 'khor lo, wheel of life.

We quickly mentioned earlier that 'khor lo is wheel. The 'i between is again the genitive particle that binds 'khor lo with srid pa; place an of there just now, and remember to bind from right to left.

srid pa is conditioned existence, realm of samsara. So the more direct translation would be wheel of samsara, or wheel of conditioned existence. But we have to live with the common expression Wheel of Life now. Anyway, now you know the more expressive translation.

Let's go more into the srid pa'i 'khor lo next and see what it represents. There are many images available on the Internet, so do a search on this term to refresh how it looks like.

Another interesting tidbit is that it's very auspicious to have this image on the entrance to monasteries, or houses. It's like the most essential teaching tool Buddhism has.

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