Thursday, June 28, 2007

lha ma yin - Demigods

Next in the group of six realms in the Wheel of life is lha ma yin, asura, or usually translated to English as demigods. This is actually another good word to analyze, to find out how it's built.

No, this is not lha ma, it's first lha, god, and ma yin, is not, or roughly translated, a god, nope.

In the wheel of life these are usually presented somewhere below the top, close to a big tree. The tree has to do with the description of the lha ma yin battling about the tree, where the riches are above, but they want it themselves, so they get into war with the beings above.

The reason to be born as a lha ma yin is actually a lot, lot of positive las created. However there's also a huge dose of pride and jealousy generated from past deeds, as well. I'm always myself visualizing these beings as very, very proud warrior-like beings, kind of thinking they are on the top, but not close, so they are jealous about those even higher in rank.

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