Monday, June 11, 2007

gnyis 'dzin - grasping to duality

Here's a third way to look at grasping, gnyis 'dzin, grasping to duality. The gnyis is two, so it's grasping to two, but two here means duality.

Examples of such grasping is grasping to oneself and the rest of the world, subject and object, thinking in terms of a consciousness and external objects, believing in true existence for both. Or using other terms, there's a grasper and grasping to someone, in the act of grasping. An enlightened mind is not operating in this dual aspect.

Again, there are many logical and meditational systems to show that this is an untrue assertion.

This is again triggered by bag chags, and these acts of grasping, 'dzin pa, will result in something that we will go through next.

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