Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Search Box Now Available

I just added (back I think) the search box to the blog. This means you could do arbitrary searches across the blog entries or over any web pages out there, and let Google find the entries for you. There is a search box above, as well, but this one will work across the web in case you want to. I might soon also put in other specific places to search from, of which Dharmadictionary is the first obvious choice.

Just note that sometimes you need to put any Tibetan Wylie in quotation, compared snying po and "snying po". Both will work, but the first one will find pages with snying and po, while the other will find the actual word, snying po. This as there are so many words in Tibetan ending with ba/bo/pa/po/mo.

This is good to know in any case, if you search for Tibetan words using Google and other web search services.

I will go back and add new entries soon, most likely a set of dharma terms, as for translators knowing dharma terms inside out is important. The posts will be shorter, as well (means more postings per month, hopefully).

PS: Use web searches for various words in this blog, and you will get tons of additional reference material and examples where the word is used.

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