Thursday, May 10, 2007

lam nga - Five Paths

Let's start by going through the whole practice path of someone from beginning to full enlightenment. It's very well mapped in the Buddhist system, so someone could figure out where they are at a certain point of time.

The common definition are the five paths, lam lnga. lam means path, and lnga is number five.

Depending on the various types of practitioners, the five paths -- lam lnga - could have different kinds of attainments.

For you who are new, the first word lam has two letters, la and ma, so it's easy to see it. The second one has the first letter la stacked on top of the letter nga. As mentioned before, one quick way to learn the alphabet is to write words over and over again on a paper, or what I did long time ago, on a whiteboard in my office (so some engineers were really confused about my scribbling on the whiteboard!).

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