Sunday, May 20, 2007

Four Noble Truths - Suffering 4

The third kind of suffering is 'du byed kyi sdug bsngal, the all-persistent suffering. 'du byed is formations, compositional factors, Sanskrit samskara. This is the samsaric environment where everything is conditioned due to mental formations.

The genitive here is kyi, as the first word ends with da, then the genitive particle takes this form.

This is a form of suffering, subtle, but still very active, the constant fear behind desire, hate and ignorance. It's built into samsara, anyone in the samsaric cycle can't escape it. It is even the basis for the other two sufferings we encounter earlier. This suffering is created by not understanding reality, that good produces good, and bad produces bad. To understand this is a big step to get out from all the sufferings.

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