Monday, May 21, 2007

Four Noble Truths - Second Truth

The second truth is kun 'byung, the source of suffering, in Sanskrit samudaya. kun is good to know, it is used a lot, means all, entire, everything, and it's a shorter form of kun tu. 'byung is arise, happen, befall, emerge, so this is related to everything that arises.

So far that makes sense, if everything in samsaric existence is really suffering, then it's good to know the source of suffering. To start with, there has to be a reason, it can't be just randomness, hockus pockus, and so on. If we figure out the source of suffering, we have a chance to remove it.

You studying letters, the first kun is a good one to recognize, the first letter is ka with a sign at the bottom turning the letter to ku, and the second letter is na, but as it's at the end of the syllable, it's just the n itself.

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