Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Four Noble Truths - Part 2

To continue, the beginning of this term is 'phags pa, noble one, or Arya. These are anyone who has experienced reality directly as it is, or seen emptiness. The 'i after this and before bden pa is a genitive particle, so this binds together bden pa (truth) and 'phags pa (Arya). So this becomes The Arya Truth, or The Noble Truth.

Note again that the emphasis is not on noble, rather on those who have experienced emptiness directly. After this experience one is directly experiencing the these four truths one at a time, hence the naming.

Anyway, in Western literature we are stuck with the Four Noble Truths, they are noble, but the noble part is that the Aryas experience them directly, while others need to analyze them and accept them based on logic and intelligence.

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