Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Four Noble Truths - Part 1

In other to understand who someone is proclaimed a nang pa, insider, or Buddhist, one needs to analyze and personally accept the so called Four Noble Truths, 'phags pa'i bden pa bzhi. To make this clear, one way to look at the word nang pa is that such a person is looking at reality and explanations inside oneself, not outside.

Let's go through this definition slowly, one part at at time. As mentioned before, one good trick to translated Tibetan terms is to go backwards, as the chain of logic concerning one part pointing to another is from right to left, not left to right as we are used to.

The last word here is bzhi, number four. Just before that is bden pa, truth, so the combination bden pa bzhi is four truths. Anyway, this is just half of the story, more later!

Meanwhile, if you want to learn letters, write this construct over and over on a piece of paper.

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