Thursday, August 03, 2006

Engaged Bodhichitta Verse - Part 4

'gro ba, as mentioned before, is sentient beings. Note this ends with a genitive particle, gro ba'i, so you need to connect the next to the right to the left.

sdug bsngal is suffering.

sel ba is to purify, to dispel. There's another particle in here, sel bar, the r at the end. This is a sub-ordination particle, it establishes a hierarchy or relationship between the right and the left side. A quick word to substitute this particle is as.

shog is a typical word that ends verses and sentences, may it be so, to use a term from Captain Picard. As mentioned in the first posting, there's no need to make a final shah (like the one in the beginning of the sentence), as the ga letter has a long stroke at the end.

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