Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bodhisattva Way of Life - Title

Let's start looking at Shantideva's text Bodhisattva Way of Life -- In Tibetan -- so you learn how to navigate around this text. You could always download the Tibetan version from ACIP, and look at the online translation by Alex Berzin.

The first sentence is the title of the text, this is usually on the first page as a separate pecha page, framed, and has illustrations such as a buddha figure and the author on each side.

It is easy to recognize the title, it ends with the verb bshugs so. bzhugs so means herein contains. This is a complete sentence, so the verb bzhugs ends with a so.

It is good to continue reading this opening line backwards; 'jug pa means to enter. nyid here means the very. spyod pa means the engage, engagement, or the way.

byang chub sems dpa is bodhisattva, notice the ending 'i which is a genitive particle that binds the right side to the left side. So it is the way of the bodhisattva.

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