Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bodhisattva Way Of Life - Chapters

So how do we know what the chapter names are? In this text the chapter titles are defined at the end of each chapter.

One way to quickly find where an important section ends, and the next one starts, is to look for the double shah endings. You could see them on the third line.

Secondly if you go backwards from this, it says le'u dang po'o. le'u means chapter, and dang po means first. So this has to do with the first chapter.

ste is a connecting particle, so it connects the first chapter with somehing to the left.

zhes bya ba means known as, or the title. Ok, we are getting somewhere!

byang chub sems is bodhichitta, kyi binds this with the next to the right, phan yon is benefits.

bshad pa is explanations.

So we got the chapter title translated: The first chapter's title is explaining the benefits of bodhichitta. You could do similar searches in the rest of the text and find the other chapters, as well as the titles for each chapter.

The first line is the title of the text -- that we have gone through -- and the last word on the first line is the particle las, from.


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Sorry I was late with postings, what happened is that Zopa Rinpoche is giving teachings and empowerments here in the Bay Area just now.

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