Tuesday, July 25, 2006

rdzogs chen

rdzogs chen is another famous teaching presentation, this time from the Nyingma tradition. The full term is actually rdzogs pa chen po, in Sanskrit mahasandhi. This is the highest teaching presented in the Nyingma Tibetan tradition. It has to do with the view of an enlightened being, free from any conceptualizations and distractions. You could read more about it in this article at dharmadictionary.

rdzogs means perfect, complete, so this is the Great Perfection in case you want a translation of rdzogs chen.

rnying ma is the Old tradition, rnying means old. This was the first wave of Buddhist teachings that arrived to Tibet. The second wave appeared later, these are the newer schools -- Kadampas, Gelug, Sakya, Kagye: gsar ma. gsar means new. So now you have a way to remember old and new.

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