Sunday, July 30, 2006

Engaged Bodhichitta Verse - Part 2

This is the second verse. 'gro ba means sentient beings. Note that you need to figure out that this is plural, not just one single sentient being. Depending on the verse format -- here seven syllables -- sometimes plural is indicated, sometimes not. All this just to fit into the format.

'gro, by the way, means to walk, to move, so the meaning behind 'gro ba is a being that moves, in other worlds, migrates from one state to another in samsara.

ji srid, as in the first verse, is as long as.

means to abide, in this case it's the shortened form of gnas pa. gnas itself could mean location, place, and so forth.

gyur pa
is a past tense, became.


Anonymous said...

you remark is:

"gyur pa is a future tense, will become, will function"

What is your source for this? I have looked up three dictionaries and all say that gyur pa is past tense.
Until now I thought 'gyur ba is the future tense.

Kent Sandvik said...

I used the RY Wiki dictionary, click on the link above. Let me double-check with Eric Schmidt about this one.

Kent Sandvik said...

Ok, talked with Lama Kunga, gyur pa is past tense. Added some clarifications into the entry at
and also updated this entry. Thx, Kent