Sunday, January 22, 2006

Totality - KUN

The word kun defines totality, such as all, everything, thoroughly, and so on. kun is also used to translate the similar Sanskrit prefix of sam, as in samvrita.

kun mkhyen, omniscient, all knowing, Longchenpa is also known by this name, mkhyen means knowledge.
kun khyab, all-pervasive, khyab means here, yes, pervasive.
kun dga' (KUNGA), all joyful, dga' is joy, also the Tibetan name for Ananda, and is used in many Tibetan names.
kun gzhi -- all-ground, gzhi is ground, this is in Sanskrit alaya, an important concept in the description of mind, sometimes translated in English as the storage-house consciousness.


RB said...

Hi Kent,

Is there a way to compile the blog entries and print them?



Kent Sandvik said...

Hi, sorry I don't think there's an easy way, only way I know of is to open the monthly archives and print them out this way.

I've been thinking about collecting the material together, this time with Tibetan fonts, and make a PDF file, maybe in future! The nice thing with a blog is that it could be updated and annotated very quickly. --Kent

rb said...


It'll be fun making a word file of the entries.

It might come in useful at some later time.

May you be safe and happy. Keep the good work up!


Kent Sandvik said...

Thanks for the comments. Yes, I will look into it, as I refer to earlier mentioned words from time to time.

Thanks for the kind words. --kent