Friday, January 27, 2006

Tool - WyWord

Spent 10 minutes trying out the new WylieWord. It installs a set of macros and a dot template to Microsoft Word so you could type Tibetan into Word documents. It also could handle Tibetan Unicdoe Fonts. One nice thing is that you could type wylie, select the sentence, hit F9, and it converts it automatically to Tibetan fonts.

Wish this macro worked with MacOSX Office product, though. Anyway, check it out, it's a very good tool for doing Tibetan editing inside Microsoft Word. And it's free, too (good karma to the people who worked so hard on this tool).


Anonymous said...

I share your wish for working it on Mac OSX :)
Good blog, just found it. Keep up! Mirek

Kent Sandvik said...

Thanks! Yes, I think we are getting closer and closer to finally having the major desktop/laptop platforms working seamlessly with Unicode Tibetan fonts. It's taken over 10 years... Windows Vista and MacOSX 10.5, that's my hope. --Kent

SAJ said...

The new WylieWord does not appear to work (in Unicode mode) if the Arial MS Unicode font is installed, which is a pity. I have tried emailing THDL about this but they are unresponsive (as always).
I find Andrew Wests's BabelPad text editor (free from the BabelStone site) excellent for Tibetan text entry.

Kent Sandvik said...

Oh, that's interesting.

There's also the UDP text processor for Tibetan input, see: