Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Simple Words - SHES RAB

There will be an emphasis on using dharmadictionary as a basis for more examples and information -- this because I'm very much involved with it.

We just uploaded a first draft of the 8000 Verses of the Perfection of Wisdom in Tibetan, one of the key Prajnaparamita Sutras, so let's look at this text for a while. To start with, it's good to learn the word shes rab. This is in Sanskrit prajna, wisdom.

There are many, many words related to wisdom. Do not confuse shes rab, prajna, with ye shes, jnana. shes rab is the wisdom that a bodhisattva perfects on the path to enlightenment, Buddhas dwell in a constant ye shes, primordial wisdom/awareness.

Homework: Get familiar with the 8000 Verses of the Perfection of Wisdom by doing lookups of shes rab in the text.

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