Sunday, January 08, 2006

Simple Words - LTA BA

lta ba means philosophical view, world-view, attitude, and understanding how the world works. It comes from the verb lta, regard, believe.

As an example of an lta ba: dbu ma, Middle Way, the way of not holding to any extremes, of which the two main extremes are self-existence, rtag pa (note the opposite, mi rtag pa), and nihilism, chad mtha'.

Now, in Sanskrit, dbu ma is madhyamaka, and someone who has this lta ba is called a madhyamika. Those two terms seems to get easily mixed together. madhya is middle in Sanskrit, and as English and Sanskrit has a common root, it it clear where we got the word middle from.

In the secret teachings, Tantra, dbu ma is also one of the names of the central channel.

Anyway, there are many lta ba, anyone who as a political position, how to drive in traffic, how schools should work, work ethics, all those are lta ba. One might say that the way we operate in this world, and what results we get, are all based on our own lta ba.

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