Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Simple Words - DON

Next for understanding the third line of zhen pa bzhi bral is don. It has multiple translations, entity, benefit, meaning, purpose. I like meaning or purpose as the first starting point, but as mentioned, check the dictionary, don is used a lot.

The one we want to learn is bdag don, self-benefit, benefiting oneself. Other examples are:

don gyi cha - the main meaning, cha is a word with many translation, of which one is aspect or part.
don yod - meaningful
don la - in fact
don dam - ultimate

Another famous example where don plays a role is don dam bden pa, ultimate truth, bden pa means truth. This is one of the two truths, bden pa gnyis. don dam bden pa is ultimate, as that's emptiness, stong pa nyid. The other truth is kun rdzob kyi bden pa, there's nothing wrong with this relative truth, it's the ordinary world we perceive, but it's kun rdzob - conceiling, superficial. All enlightened beings and those perceiving emptiness perceive two truths, how things really are. Others only perceive kun rdzob bden pa. That was the don of bden pa gnyis.

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