Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Simple Words - BYANG CHUB

byang chub means enlightenment, this is from Sanskrit bodhi, awakening. The Tibetans didn't translate bodhi as sad pa, awaken, or something similar, rather as byang chub. In the early translation wave the concept was to take a Sanskrit term and define it using Tibetan words to define the meaning behind the word.

byang means to purify, to clear away
chub means to accomplish

This is mapped to the two tasks of reaching enlightenment, first there's the task of purifying (byang) the bad mental states that manifest as las, karmic forces, and nyong mongs, kleshas, that which bothers the mind. When this is done, the job is not yet done, there are certain functions needed for an enlightened mind to fully operate in an all-knowing state, and this is what needs to be accomplished, chub.

Those who have done these two stages have reached byang chub - job done, now awakened.

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