Monday, January 16, 2006

Simple Words - BCOM LDAN 'DAS

When looking further into the sutras, such as the 8000 verses on the Perfection of Wisdom, you see this honorific title bcom ldan 'das many times. In Sanskrit it is Bhagavan. It's one of the many titles of Buddha. It is sometimes also translated as the blessed one, or the exalted one.

bcom means to conquer, such as conquering the four maras. ldan is a very handy Tibetan word, it points out a property, possession, quality, such as achieving anything, 'das is a word for above, beyond, transcend.

Thus this honorific word is about a being who has conquered all the obstacles, achieved everything and has moved beyond all that. Another way to expain this is that a Budddha has conquered all obstacles -- bcom, and has achieved all that could be achieved -- ldan, and has passed beyond samsara - 'das.

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