Saturday, January 21, 2006

Possessive Particles - BCAS PA

To be complete, there's a third particle related to having or possessing something, a quality and so on, bcas pa. Examples:

'khor dang bcas pa - with retinue. 'khor is a real work-horse of a Tibetan word, it really means round, but a retinue around you is kind of round. dang bcas pa is a common expression for accompanied with, together with.

dbang bcas pa - with faculties. Let's take another Tibetan work-horse of a word, dbang, it means power, but also the sense faculty 'powers', seeing, hearing and so on... It also means empowerment! In this specific example it's related to sense faculties.

dam bcas pa - promise, dam is wow. It relates to other uses of the word dam, solid, real, reliable. So dam bcas pa is like possessing something solid. dam is then used in other words such as dam kha, seal, and dam tshig, Sanskrit samaya, the sacred pledges sealed between a vajra master and the students.

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