Wednesday, January 25, 2006


To continue with our three-part series about the kun word (!), another common variation is kun tu -- it means all the time, at all times, but also all, entire, every, everyone, everywhere... Think of totality when seeing kun tu.

kun to 'od -- light everywhere, universal illumination, 'od means light, and if you read tantric texts you will encounter 'od quite a lot in the visualization descriptions.
kun tu bzang po - Actually the Tibetan name for the Buddha or bodhisattva Samantabhadra. The reason is that in sutra texts kun tu bzang po is a bodhisattva, in the tantric texts kun tu bzang po is an already enlightened being. So what's bzang po then? It's noble, good, auspicious. bzang is auspicious, wholesome, good. Totally good to everyone everywhere! bhadra means goodness inSanskrit , and we talked about sam earlier as the Sanskrit word prefix for totality.

Anyway, you could see it used in other expressions and sentences, such as kun tu lta ba, we had lta ba before, a world view, so it's a 'total world-view', or to view something totally.

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