Thursday, December 29, 2005

zhen pa bzhi bral - first line

  1. OK, this is the first of the four attachments to be free from. tse 'di as mentioned before is this life, la is pointing to this life from something on the right side, or zhen. zhen is attachment, na is a particle defining when, and what it points to on the right side is chos pa, dharma practitioner, however it's negated, so it's no dharma practitioner.

One way to fully translate this is: You are no dharma practitioner if you are attached to this life.

As for the meaning, there are many, the obvious one is that one is pleasant with one's life, thus is not achieving for any spiritual realizations. Another view Jetsun Drakpa Gyeltsen points out in his commentary is that anyone who takes for granted what is presented as how things are, by parents, school teachers, friends, politicians, and so on, they are not trying to figure out themselves how the world really works, thus they are not dharma practitioners.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all this. Having made a little headway in the past using Steven Hodges book, I am now finding your step by step approach works very well for me. I still struggle with "particles" and "reading backwards" (your suggested translation here makes more sense of that for me.)My aims are modest but now I feel I'm getting there. Using your info plus TibScanner I'm going through short texts that already have some familiarity, eg. short practice texts and prayers. I find that helps me alot with motivation as it has immediate practcal value.
Thanks again.


Kent Sandvik said...

Thanks, always glad to see comments and feedback

Sometimes it feels that one works in a vacuum, but that is not the case at all with Internet, thanks to the technology information like this reaches any corner, even far into the future.

Anyway, I'm extremely happy that you try to translate known texts and prayers, that's where everyone starts from, and great progress is made.