Sunday, December 04, 2005

Summary so far

OK, if you followed the entries from the beginning, or has just found this blog, we have gone through a few very common words, a couple of nouns and particles. We have also tackled the issue of how to learn to separate words, how a sentence looks like, and how verses look like. We have also gone through classical introductions to texts so that you know the homage section, the translated titles, and so on. You still need to learn the alphabet, but with this other information and a dictionary you should have a good chance to look at any arbitrate text, the beginning, and figure out what it's all about.

Next we will go through typical commentary sentences so you get the feeling of how a sentence flow works. We will revisit earlier mentioned particles, and add in a couple of new ones. There will be more dharma nouns, more verbs and other expressions. So hang on there, if you spend each day 10-30 minutes on this, you will very quickly get up to speed to look at any classical text and figure out sentences and statements.

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