Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Simple Words - RGYU, BYUNG

We are building up to a homework assignment shortly, before that we just need two more common words.

As mentioned, rgyu means cause, or it could sometimes be translated as reason, seed, causal factor and anything else related to a cause. You should encounter this word quite a lot, especially in commentaries related to logic, middle way, perfection of wisdom, karma, and much more.

The other word is byung, this is a verb, means happened (past tense), took place, occurred, appeared. A very common verb!

OK, a note, do not confuse this verb with 'byung, note the ' at the beginning. Even if this short-a letter is not pronounced, 'byung means will happen (future tense), emerge, become manifest, and so forth. Sometimes this verb is also used in a noun, such as 'byung rkyen, another word for cause, reason, incident. rkyen is condition, the difference usually is that rgyu is the primary cause, and rkyen is secondary condition.

Next we will have a very famous sentence that describes the Buddhist philosophy how all things in the world appear. But you need to use the earlier blog entries to decipher this profound realization.

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Ken McLeod said...

Please consider genesis as a possible translation for rgyu. KM