Friday, December 02, 2005

Simple Words - BYAS

The last word in the famous second line from chapter four in Abhidharma-kosha (that describes what karma really is), is the word byas.

byas is actually the past tense of the word byed (pronounced JE). byed is a very common verb, good to learn. It means: do, make, perform, come to, act, work and so on... The past tense is byas, or done, created, did make. So yes, like in other languages you need to learn the various verbs and their past, present and future tenses. Sorry, no direct rules in Tibetan how to easily find the tense.

Verbs are very commonly placed as the last word in a sentence, so that's one way to find the verbs.

As an interesting foonote, remember how in Tibetan you could create new words, even from verbs, by adding a pa, po, ma, or mo. Here byas pa is a deed, something created/done.

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