Thursday, December 15, 2005

Homework - Number 1

OK, below is a full sentence in Tibetan, describing the key point behind everything. Try to translate it using previous postings on the blog. If problems make a comment and I will give hints along the way.Why the homework? As with anything else in life, the best learning experience is to try to solve something, and learn something personally along the way. Besides, it's fun!


Anonymous said...


Now we really have to give it a try! :p No fooling around, get down to working if you're really interested in translation!

Thanks for gently asking the stubborn donkeys that we are to kindly drink some fresh water instead of remaining by the bucket tongue pulled out!! (i.e, putting in some effort that'll help us ultimately instead of remaining as life-long day-dreamers.. :p)



Kent Sandvik said...

Yes, it's good to do it oneself, it's like learning to ride a bike...

Expect more homeworks in future. Also note that the entries have indirect assignments, if you read them carefully you could find all kinds of private tests and projects, such as finding bstod pat texts of your favorite author.